Financial Performance Analysis of Sahara Nepal SACCOS


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The proposed study aims to analyze the detailed financial performance of Sahara Nepal SACCOS. As an important player in Nepal’s cooperative sector, SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS provides various financial services to its members. This research intends to evaluate the financial health, operational efficiency and overall performance of SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS through a detailed examination of its financial statements, key ratios, and external factors that may influence its financial position.


The arrangement of this study is to analyze the financial performance of Sahara Nepal SACCOS during a specific period. By scrutinizing its financial statements, calculating necessary financial ratios, and considering relevant external variables, the research aims to provide valuable insights into SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS’s profitability, liquidity, solvency, and operational efficiency. This study aspires to contribute to a better understanding of how SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS’s financial performance aligns with cooperative industry standards and best practices.


  1. To assess SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS’s profitability by analyzing key metrics such as net interest margin, return on assets, and return on equity.
  2. To assess the liquidity position of SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS by examining ratios like current ratio, quick ratio, and cash coverage ratio.
  3. To determine the solvency and financial stability of SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS using indicators such as debt-to-equity ratio, capital adequacy ratio, and debt-to-deposit ratio.
  4. To analyze the operating efficiency of SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS by considering factors like asset turnover ratio and operating expense ratio.
  5. To compare SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS’s financial performance with industry benchmarks and relevant regulatory requirements.
  6. To identify the external and internal factors influencing the financial performance of SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS including management strategy and financial condition.
  7. Provide actionable recommendations based on analysis to enhance financial performance and sustainability of SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS.

Research Methodology:

The study will adopt a mixed-methods research approach. Primary data will be collected through SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS’s financial reports, annual statements, and other relevant documents. Interviews with key employees can provide insight into management strategies and challenges. Secondary data will include industry data and economic indicators. Financial ratios will be calculated to assess various aspects of SAHARA NEPAL SACCOS’s performance, and both qualitative and quantitative analyzes will be conducted to draw meaningful conclusions.


  1. Data availability and accuracy may pose potential limitations.
  2. External factors such as changes in regulatory policies or economic conditions may affect the analysis.
  3. Qualitative aspects influencing financial performance are not fully considered.


The results of this study will provide valuable insights to Nepal Multipurpose Cooperative Limited, which will enable its management to make informed decisions to improve financial performance. In addition, the research will contribute to the existing body of knowledge on financial performance analysis of the cooperative sector. This information can be valuable to academics, regulators, policy makers, and stakeholders in the cooperative industry.

Note: This is a generalized outline of proposal and thesis for financial performance analysis of Sahara Nepal SACCOS. The actual research design and content may be based on the specific needs and guidelines of your academic institution or supervisor.


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