Production and Sales Analysis of Purwanchal Bakery


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This proposal outlines a detailed study of production and sales analysis of a well-established bakery business Purwanchal Bakery and Ice-Cream Parlo. The study aims to evaluate the bakery’s production processes, analyze its sales performance and identify factors that affect both production capacity and sales revenue. By conducting extensive research into the operations of an Purwanchal bakery, this research will provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimize production, enhance sales strategies and encourage sustainable development for the bakery.


The thesis will focus on conducting an in-depth production and sales analysis of Purwanchal Bakery, with the following primary objectives:

  1. Manufacturing Process Evaluation: Analyzing the manufacturing process of Purwanchal bakery to understand the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality control measures in place. This will include studying the bakery’s production capacity, raw material sources, production timelines, and any constraints that may affect productivity.
  2. Inventory Management: An investigation into bakery inventory management practices, including handling of perishable materials and finished products. The study will evaluate the bakery’s inventory turnover rate, storage practices, and strategies to reduce waste.
  3. Sales Performance Analysis: Examining Purwanchal Bakery’s sales data to assess its revenue generation, customer trends, and sales patterns over time. This analysis includes an assessment of sales by product category and customer segments.
  4. Market Analysis: Conducting market analysis to understand the bakery’s competitive position, target market demographics, and potential areas for expansion or diversification.
  5. Pricing Strategy: Assessing the bakery’s pricing strategy and its impact on sales volume and revenue generation. The study will analyze the relationship between pricing changes and customer behavior.
  6. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Customer satisfaction level and loyalty rating towards products and services of Purwanchal Bakery and Ice-Cream Parlo. It involves gathering feedback from customers and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  7. Recommendations: Based on the findings from the analysis, providing practical recommendations to optimize production processes, enhance sales strategies, and improve overall business performance. These recommendations aim to increase efficiency, increase sales revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

The research is use secondary data sources, including interviews with bakery management and employees, review of internal production and sales records, and analysis of market research reports and industry trends. The thesis aims to present a detailed and data-driven analysis of Purwanchal Bakery, enabling businesses to make informed decisions to enhance production and sales processes and ultimately drive sustainable growth and success in the bakery industry.

Note: This is a general outline of a proposal and thesis for the Production and Sales analysis of Purwanchal Bakery and Ice-Cream Parlo. Actual research design and content may vary depending on the specific requirements and guidelines provided by your academic institution or supervisor.


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