Profitability Ratio Analysis of Garima Bikas Bank Limited


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This proposal outlines a detailed study of profitability ratio analysis of Garima Bikas Bank Limited, a market leading financial institution. This study aims to evaluate the bank’s profitability performance by analyzing key financial ratios, understanding the factors influencing its profitability, and comparing its profitability metrics with industry benchmarks. By in-depth investigation of financial health of Garima Bikas Bank Limited, this research will provide valuable insights and recommendations to increase profitability and strengthen the bank’s position in the competitive banking sector.


The thesis will focus on analyzing the in-depth profitability ratio of Garima Bikas Bank Limited, with the following primary objectives:

  1. Review of Financial Statements: Analyzing the financial statements of Garima Bikas Bank Limited including income statement and balance sheets to gather data on revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities for the study period.
  2. Calculation of Profitability Ratios: Calculating key profitability ratios, such as net profit margin, return on assets (ROA), return on equity (ROE), and gross profit margin. These ratios will provide insight into the bank’s ability to generate revenue and profitability relative to investment.
  3. Industry Bench marking: To assess the relative performance and competitiveness within the banking sector by comparing Garima Bikas Bank Limited’s profitability ratio with the industry average.
  4. Identifying Profit Drivers: Identifying the main drivers of profitability of Garima Bikas Bank Limited. It involves examining factors such as interest income, non-interest income, operating expenses, and loan quality.
  5. Impact of risk management: An analysis of the relationship between profitability and risk management practices employed by banks. This will include credit risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk and assessing their impact on profitability.
  6. Trend Analysis: Conducting trend analysis of profitability ratio of Garima Bikas Bank Limited during the study period to identify any patterns or changes in its profitability performance.
  7. Recommendations: Based on the findings from the analysis providing actionable recommendations to increase the profitability of Garima Bikas Bank Limited. These recommendations aim to improve revenue generation, cost management, and risk mitigation strategies.

The research is use secondary data sources, including the bank’s financial reports, industry publications, and regulatory filings. Expert interviews can be conducted with the bank’s management and industry professionals to get more information. The objective of the thesis is to present a well-structured and data-driven analysis of the profitability of Garima Bikas Bank Limited, providing valuable insights to support strategic decision making and potential improvements in the bank’s financial performance.

Note: This is a general outline of a proposal and thesis for the Deposit analysis of National Cooperative Bank Limited (NCBL). Actual research design and content may vary depending on the specific requirements and guidelines provided by your academic institution or supervisor.


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