Nepali Congress Session: Bill on School Education

Education Bill 2080

The Education Bill 2080, which seeks to update and harmonize legislation governing school education, is a topic of active discussion among members of the Nepali Congress. This campaign is in response to widespread protests against the contents of the government’s bill that were made in parliament by educators and stakeholders from all around the country.

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Nepali Congress Decision:

After teachers and other stakeholders from throughout the nation objected to the clauses of the bill that the administration had registered in the parliament, the NC decided to organize the debate program. The party will take part in the discussion by registering change ideas in order to make the education bill as widely acceptable as possible.

Participants in the discussion will include Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba, party officials, House of Representatives members, and members of the National Assembly. Additionally present will be representatives from the Nepal Teachers Federation, Nepal Teachers Association, Relief Teachers Committee, Child Development Teachers Committee, Pabson, N. Pabson, Higher Education and Secondary School Association, Community School Management Committee Federation, Technical Teachers Association, and Permanent Teacher Rights Forum. The Municipal Federation as well as the Rural Municipality Federation have also been invited to the conversation.

Ramesh Akhtar, the Chief Whip, will present the subject before hearing from the stakeholders. The event is also open to academics, professionals, party MPs and leaders, and other well-informed individuals who are interested in the bill.

A crucial step has been taken by the NC to ensure that the school education bill is in the interests of all parties involved. It is admirable that the party is dedicated to making the education measure as popular as possible.

Education Bill 2080
Nepali Congrass engaged in discussions regarding Education Bill 2080