Plans are in motion to allow schools in areas affected by the earthquake to reopen.

resuming school operations in quake-affected areas

Local residents in Jajarkot, Nepal, have tirelessly worked to rebuild temporary structures in schools that the severe earthquake damaged or destroyed. Resuming educational activities as quickly as feasible is the goal, along with minimizing the disturbance that the crisis has produced.

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Public and private schools affected by the earthquake are expected to resume classes following the upcoming holidays. Despite the severe impact of the earthquake on school operations in Rukum (West) and Jajarkot districts, efforts are underway to construct temporary buildings, facilitating the resumption of classes.

While some of the district’s schools are getting ready to reopen today, November 21, others are still constructing makeshift structures to house staff and pupils.

The hardest-hit area in the Jajarkot district, Nalgad Municipality, will start conducting teaching and learning activities on Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Social Development of the Karnali Province government.

According to acting Chief Administrative Officer Balbir BK, the earthquake damaged 128 classrooms out of 58 schools in the Nalgad Municipality. He added that instruction will begin again tomorrow at schools that have sustained partial damage.

To be ready for the start of classes again, headteachers have sent out messages asking all teachers to report to work.

Head teacher Narendra KC of Pancha Bhayar Secondary School has confirmed the resumption of classes in the makeshift tents they’ve established.He urged educators and learners to report to class, stressing that instruction will resume in schools unaffected by the earthquake starting tomorrow.

KC also mentioned that although they are still devising plans to open learning centers in the affected schools, it might take some time for everything to get back to normal.Yagya Bahadur Khatri, Chief of the Jajarkot Social Development Office, stated that they are actively working on restoring instruction in all schools ravaged by the earthquake.The Jajarkot local communities’ unwavering commitment to minimizing the effects of the earthquake and placing a high priority on their children’s education is a testament to their perseverance and dedication.