Well-Surrounded Hostel at Mustang’s Nalanda Buddhist School

Nalanda Buddhist School 1

The Nalanda Buddhist School in the Tukuche, Mustang area built a new dorm facility to assist the students.The three-story structure, which will house students from rural and underdeveloped areas, including Mustang, cost about Rs. 130 million to construct.

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Principal Tulachan highlighted the commitment to providing educational opportunities by stating that the hostel, set to open in March, will offer dormitory accommodations for impoverished and disadvantaged youngsters. He stressed that the structure aims to ensure students’ comfort during the winter.

There are now 215 pupils in grades 1 through 10 who can stay at the school. Teacher Tulachan disclosed He added, “Students at Nalanda Buddhist School are pursuing formal education from all castes, religions, and different districts of Nepal and India.” In the future, the school intends to broaden its diversity by admitting female students.

The Padma Sambhav Charity Foundation President, Dr. Mongoldhoj Tulachan, spearheaded the fund-raising efforts and took the lead on the school’s physical infrastructure. Nonetheless, donations pay for all of the school’s operating costs, demonstrating the community’s support for it.

Since its founding in 2010 with the goal of assisting students from low-income backgrounds, This school has continuously demonstrated exceptional achievement, with pupils achieving high test scores on the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). The curriculum, which is taught using textbooks in English, Tibetan, and Nepali, corresponds with the official government curriculum and offers a comprehensive education.