Exam 2080 Model Questions for Class 12 Students – NEB

The National Examination Board (NEB) has formally issued the Model Questions for the Grade Increment Exam 2080, a development keenly awaited by Class 12 students across the Nation. For students getting ready for their grade increment exams, this publication is an invaluable tool.

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  1. Model Questions Available: The Grade Increment Exam Model Questions for 2080 are available to the general public thanks to the NEB. These questions are intended to help students with their exam preparation and span a wide range of topics.
  2. Accessible Online: Through other authorized methods or the official NEB website (, students can easily obtain the model questions. All pupils will have access to these resources on a digital level, thanks to their availability.
  3. Exam Preparation Aid: The model questions are anticipated to be an essential resource for students getting ready for the grade increment exams. They offer a preview of possible question structures and subject areas that could be covered in the real tests.
  4. Guidance for Success: Teachers and education professionals advise pupils to take full advantage of these model questions. The key to passing the Grade Increment Exams is to solve them, debate them with teachers and peers, and ask for clarification on any lingering questions.
  5. Supportive Resources: If students need extra assistance or have queries about the model questions, they are advised to get in touch with their school’s faculty or other relevant organizations.

This publication is anticipated to lessen some of the worry and uncertainty that frequently accompany important exams. With a solid study strategy in place, students may now approach their grade increment exams with more assurance.

For students in Class 12, passing the Grade Increment Exams is a significant accomplishment that prepares them for future academic and professional goals.

All Class 12 students are sending their best wishes as they begin their preparations for the Grade Increment Exam 2080.

S.NSubject’s NameSubject CodeModel Questions
1.Compulsory Nepali0021Click Here To Download
2.Compulsory English0041Click Here To Download
3.Social Studies0061Click Here To Download
4.Physics1021Click Here To Download
5.Account Set A1041Click Here To Download
6.Account Set B1041Click Here To Download
7.Rural Development1061Click Here To Download
8.Nepalese Legal System1101Click Here To Download
9.Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation1181Click Here To Download
10.Biology2021Click Here To Download
11.Education and Development2041Click Here To Download
12.Legal Drafting2101Click Here To Download
13.Sociology2121Click Here To Download
14.Business Studies2161Click Here To Download
15.Population Studies2241Click Here To Download
16.Chemistry3021Click Here To Download
17.Economics3041Click Here To Download
18.Tourism and Mountaineering Studies3061Click Here To Download
19.Marketing3081Click Here To Download
20.Civil and Criminal Justice3201Click Here To Download
21.Optional Nepali3321Click Here To Download
22.Optional English3341Click Here To Download
23.Business Mathematics4061Click Here To Download
24.Environmental Science4141Click Here To Download
25.General Law4161Click Here To Download
26.Finance4181Click Here To Download
27.Computer Science4281Click Here To Download
28.Hotel Management4401Click Here To Download
29.Mass Communication4421Click Here To Download
30.Health and Physical Education4441Click Here To Download